Annual Report

New York State Capital District Intergroup

Annual Report – 2016

Our Goal: Strengthening Recovery within the Fellowship
• We sponsored two share-a-thons.
• We formally implemented our semi-annual “Actions in Recovery” discussion series.
• We updated and distributed our Getting Started list—a list of members willing to help newcomers get started.
• We implemented a Service & Inclusion action group that fits members with service opportunities.
• We maintained a printed list of individual meetings, which was distributed it to those meetings several times a year and posted on our web site.
• We mailed communications to individual meetings who do not have IG Reps.
• We communicated with local members through our community e-mail list.
• We supplied individual meetings with Newcomer and Anorexia/Bulimia packets and the new Introduction to Overeaters Anonymous brochure.
• We provided literature funding for a struggling meeting.
• We sponsored a recovery meeting on Thanksgiving.

Our Goal: Spreading the Message of OA to those Outside the Fellowship
• We arranged for a public information flyer to be inserted in 34,000 Times Union newspapers (for Jan. 2017).
• We sponsored the100 calls project.
• We continued our Answerphone service including: an outgoing message listing individual meetings; return calls; OA entry in local telephone directories.

Our Goal: Representing our Constituency
• Our Region 6 Rep positions were filled, and all of our Reps participated at the Assembly and committee level.
• We sent two IG members to a Region 6 Intergroup Officers Training Workshop.
• We produced and distributed Introduction to IG Services packets.
• We produced and distributed our IG Policies and Procedures manual.
• We aligned our By-Laws with new requirements from WSO and Region 6.