Trusted Servants

To facilitate its operations, Intergroup is comprised of a board of trusted servants, meeting representatives, and a plethora of key volunteers who develop and implement its projects. See the current IG Brochure  for more information.

As of February 2017, these members are:

Chairperson: Kay R.
Vice Chair: Kathy T.
Secretary (Corresponding): Anne C.
Secretary (Recording): Mary S.
Treasurer: Connie M.
Region 6 Representatives: Connie M., Gloria H., Mary S.
World Service Business Conference Representative: Connie M.
Answerphone Messages Coordinator: Jude K.
Answerphone Updates Editor: Beth H.
Archivist: Kathy T.
Event Chairs: Amy D., Heather I., Lieta W., Marie M.
Literature Coordinator: Heather I.
Mailbox Keyholder: Connie M., Mick M.
Meeting List Coordinator: Faye G.
Newcomer Contact List Coordinator: Lieta W.
Outreach Visit Chair: Kathryn A.
Policies and Procedures Chair: Amy D.
Public Information: Faye G., Mike C.
Service and Inclusion: Kathy T.
Website Coordinator:  Janice P.

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