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Last Update: January 29, 2018

1.       Meetings may have an abundance of Welcome packets provided by IG. Please inventory them and make arrangements to return excess to IG.
2.       Region 6 Convention in October 26-28, 2018 will be held in Portland, Maine.
3.        Help Intergroup plan relevant, timely, and convenient events by completing our survey. Printed surveys are on the way to your meetings. You will also have the option of taking the survey online.  Only take the survey once!   Online Survey    Deadline Feb 28th.
Please fill out a print survey at your meeting and give to your IG rep, or mail to: NYS Capital District Intergroup P.O. Box 38125 Albany NY 12203. take the
4.        January 2018 printed meeting lists are pink and on their way to your meeting. October 2017 lavender lists should be tossed.
5.       Read & share our Recovery Stories
6.       Tues/Thurs Albany announced that two members are doing service by committing to having at least one person at each meeting. So, newcomers will no longer arrive to find there is no meeting.

Meetings needing support:
  • Monday/Clifton Park 7:30pm
  • Tues Johnstown 6:30pm
  • Wednesday/Albany 5:30pm
  • Thursday Queensbury
  • Saturday Arlington, VT

Bennington VT meeting has closed.

Intergroup Web Site

Progress continues on revamping our web site. The new “Members Share” section will enable members to share experience, strength, and hope. More developments in the coming weeks.

OA members may now submit Shares to our IG website highlighting experience, strength, and hope. Submissions should be short and follow OA traditions. Submission does not guarantee publication. Articles may be edited for readability and clarity. Submit to


Sponsorship is a key focus of Intergroup this year. Chair Kay R is looking for those with experience in looking for sponsors outside of a home meeting. If you have experience, please contact her at



Please check back for updates.