Policies & Procedures

Intergroup details implementation of its Bylaws through its Policies and Procedures Manual. Policies&Procedures 2016.   The Policies & Procedures manual is divided into four parts:

I. Intergroup Board of Trusted Servants
II. Region 6 and Word Service Representatives
III. Key Intergroup Volunteer Positions
IV. Current Practices

Recent updates (since the 2016 publication) of the Manual:

Intergroup Web Site Policy (January 2017):

Our web site should be designed and coded to:
1. Support the vision, purpose, and goals of Intergroup; and
2. Provide optimum functionality on the widest possible array of devices.

All submissions for posting to the Intergroup web site must include contact information for the author. The web team has the right and responsibility to edit all submissions for form and content before posting to ensure:
1. Compliance with all OA traditions and copyright law;
2. Accuracy and timeliness of information; and
3. Readability and clarity.

Writing for the Share Portion of the NYSCDI Web Site (March 2017)

Intergroup welcomes submissions from our OA members for posting on the Share portion of our web site. Submissions should:

1. highlight their experience, strength, and hope through the OA program
2. be relatively short (readable in a few minutes)
3. fall within the boundaries of our Intergroup’s web policy, including all OA traditions

Submission does not guarantee publication. The web committee may edit articles for readability and clarity.

Send your writing to share4oa@gmail.com.


Application for Meeting Assistance (September 2017)

Intergroup is committed to supporting any of its individual meetings with a special need by offering them funds in the form of grants or loans. Applications may be submitted at any time to the treasurer for initial review via email or sending it to NYSCD Intergroup, P.O. Box 38125, Albany NY 12203.