Intergroup offers direct support services to its constituent meetings including:

  • Free copies of OA literature including newcomer packets, anorexia/bulimia packets, and the introduction to OA brochure.
  • Funding for new and struggling meetings to buy literature for their meetings. (How to apply for literature funding is described in our Policies & Procedures Manual Part IV: Current Practices.)
  • Funding in the form of grants and loans to support meetings that may be struggling or have a special need. (How to apply for support funding is described in our Policies and Procedures Manual Part IV: Current Practices.)
  • Free copies of the printed listing of OA recovery meetings link to most recent Meeting List in the area.
  • Free copies of the Getting Started list of contacts for newcomers.
  • Outreach Visits by teams of Intergroup members.

Support for Individual Member Recovery

Intergroup offers direct support services to its members through a variety of events such as:

  • Day-long events such as “share-a-thons”;
  • Single-session workshops on a variety of topics, e.g., abstinence and the tools;
  • Twice yearly Actions in Recovery discussions; and
  • Special recovery meetings, e.g., on Thanksgiving Day.

In addition, specific projects target areas such as finding a sponsor and recovery from relapse. The Getting Started list offers names and contact information for those newcomers who do not yet have a sponsor but who need guidance. As another example, each fall, the “100 calls” project encourages members to make connections to those fellows they haven’t seen “for a while.”

The Service & Inclusion Committee works to match individuals with service opportunities in the fellowship for the benefit of their individual recovery and in support of the mission and goals of Intergroup. Participation

Carrying the Message

The basic purpose of OA is to carry the message of recovery through the twelve steps to compulsive eaters who still suffer. Much of the ongoing work of Intergroup is done through its Public Information Committee, which engages in a variety of projects each year to spread the message of Overeaters Anonymous to those outside the fellowship. In the past, projects have included:

  • yellow posters w/ tear-offs;
  • bus posters;
  • theater slide;
  • grocery store benches;
  • mailing to physicians; and
  • flyer insert in the Times Union.

In addition, Intergroup funds a telephone information service through a local vendor. People who call can:

  • leave a message for a return call;
  • find meetings in a particular city;
  • find meetings on a particular day of the week; and
  • request information about OA.

This service includes an entry in the local phonebooks.

For more information about Intergroup and its services, contact one of the trusted servants.